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    Professionalism, Team Building, Customer Service, and more

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    Empowering Servant Leaders through Communities Engagement

    We are committed to empowering communities through education, leadership, and service.

    Training Course List:

    We Will Customized The Training

    Your Team Needs


    Administrative Support
    Making Our Office Flow

    Anger Management

    What Is The Cost?

    Business Acumen and Ethics

    It's All About The Business

    Business Etiquette
    Beyond Please and Thank You


    Communication Is The Key!

    Customer Service and Client Retention

    Satisfied and Coming Back !

    Group Dynamics

    Together We Can!

    Emotional Intelligence

    Me, Myself, and I

    Prepare For Your Future!

    Team Building
    A Step-by-Step Approach

    Strategic Planning
    The Grand Design


    And So Much More...
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    Individual and Small Group
    Career Development Services

    Put The Pieces Together...

    Invest In Yourself Through

    Individual and Small Group Services

    Career Coaching and Mentoring

    Life Coaching Essentials

    Lunch and Learn Series

    Personal Branding



    Work-Life Balance


    Let's Work Together to Achieve Your Goals!

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    LMichelleMedia Institute

    Virtual (VR), Augmented (AR), and Mixed (MR) Reality Experiences

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    Here's some feedback from our events


    "The speakers encouraged a better way to align our thoughts so that we could be better leaders."


    "The presenters were so transparent and selfless."



    "It was very inspiring and informative. It allowed me to realize the passion and power I have within."


    "I liked how all the speakers were straight to the point...their words were very effective."


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